Providing a range of commercial and residential septic services, White River Environmental Services, LLC is the one company you can rely on to get the job done right. No matter what the issue or project, we are definitely the company you want on the job.



You don't want to take chances with a septic tank or system, so make sure you call on professionals to maintain it. White River Environmental Services, LLC provides commercial and residential septic tank services to ensure your system stays in working order. 

Regular inspection and periodic septic tank pumping and cleaning by a licensed septic tank cleaner are essential in the long-term care and maintenance of your septic system. The most common reasons for septic system failure are improper use and lack of periodic pumping of the septic tank. A septic tank is designed so that solids and other material settle and form a sludge layer at the bottom of your tank. A licensed septic tank cleaner will remove this layer to prevent any solids from clogging your disposal system and causing premature system failure.  By having a proper septic tank pumping, you can save on costly repairs to your septic system.


We recommend that you have your septic tank pumping performed on average every 3-5 years.

An estimator is available at  to assist you with determining the frequency of septic tank pumping that is specific to your household size and septic tank size.